Mahesh Chinthaka

Feb 17, 2021

5 min read

Build and Push Docker Images to a Private Registry from Azure Devops Pipeline

How did we automate a WSO2 Deployment, CI/CD with Azure Devops — part 02

automate wso2 deployments with azure devops cicd pipelines — part 02

Build and Push Docker Images

docker-wso2am : $tree
├── Dockerfile
├── azure-pipeline.yml
├── files
│ ├── keystores
│ └── lib
│ └── sqljdbc42.jar
  1. A cache task to cache this wum update, therefore pulling updates from the WSO2 wum server will be done only when we have changed the wum timestamp. Otherwise it will use the same wum updated pack in every pipeline run. This way we can reduce the pipeline execution time and we are not wasting network bandwidth.
Cache task’s classic configuration
Publish Pipeline Artifact task’s Classic configuration
Stage : Get WUM Updated WSO2 pack
  1. DownloadPipelineArtifact task to download the wum updated zip pack from internal artifact repository published in the previous stage.
Download Pipeline Artifact task’s classic configuration
Classic UI configuration for retrieving artifact from another build
Download secure file task’s Classic configuration
Docker task Classic configuration
push docker images to openshift docker registry